MakeMKV errors classification

You were directed to this page because MakeMKV encountered errors during processing. These errors all fall into one category usually caused by a single failure. The detailed error description is below.

M2TS hash check error

Almost each Blu-ray disc contains so called content hash file. Designed as part of AACS protection, this file has a very useful property exploited by MakeMKV - having this file it is possible to verify that M2TS file loaded from the disc is not corrupt. If present on the disc, MakeMKV computes and compares hashes of M2TS files automatically. When hashes do not match, you get this error.

Hash check error essentially means that the drive was unable to read the file from the disc, and what more, instead of raising the read error it silently returned corrupted data. Getting this error usually means a failing Blu-ray drive.