How do I pass volume key to MakeMKV?

MakeMKV can process an incomplete or a non-decrypted blu-ray disc backup as long as volume key is known for that disc. Incomplete backup is an encrypted backup without a volume id part, the most common case being ISO image from PS3 system or files plainly copied from blu-ray disc. In order to open such disc a disc-specific key must be supplied to MakeMKV via text file in MakeMKV data directory. First, you need to look up or set "MakeMKV data directory" in preferences; then you need to put a keyfile with disc for your key into this directory. MakeMKV will scan all files in this directory and will accept key in any format. Group of volunteers maintains a decent key database at . Be sure to download the latest keydb_bd file and unpack it into MakeMKV data directory.


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