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Author:  dmitche3 [ Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  New Tricks: Pilot only

This appears to be a problem with my drive being set to a different region. See extra comments.
The first disk of New Tricks Season 1, the Pilot shows up under Makemkv as a single file. It rips but is a bit messed up.
The rip only shows one title for 5 chapters.

First, after chapter 1 ( 20:53) there is no sound until the next chapter, I would 'guess' 1470 seconds later.
BUT, even though sound returns it appears to be the same sound as the first chapter.
And finally, skipping forward to the end of the episode or near it the video messes up and skips to the end of the show.

I couldn't find where the log files are located to copy them. Here is what is shown on the screen. All other discs contain multiple episodes and are not an issue.
Wondering if this was an issue with a newer version I reverted back to the prior version to no effect. I did this only because I had been ripping several disks and at the time I wasn't sure if the problem had started with this disk which is the first one I had done with the newer version of Makemkv.

The following is the only thing reported:
Saving 1 titles into directory D:/ISO/New Tricks 7/1
AV sync issue in stream 0 at 0:20:53.819 : video frame timecode differs by +1470.268s
AV sync issue in stream 1 at 0:20:53.640 with duration of 2865.573ms : audio gap - 89.549 missing frame(s)
AV sync issue in stream 0 at 0:55:24.387 : video stream has 4406 frames with invalid timecodes
1 titles saved

I have more information shortly. This is very strange.

Thanks for any advice/help. And if not, thanks anyways. :)

Author:  dmitche3 [ Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Tricks: Pilot only (issue resolved: region work arou

Surprise, surprise. For laughs I thought that I'd connect up my portable DVD device as my main device is set to a different region (Britain) rather than North America.

First thing I noticed was 8 chapters versus 5, the size of the file was a full 4093.0 M.

It appears that the problem is that Makemkv is not successfully working around the region issue on this disk. There's always a first I guess. IT has always done a great job up until now.

I still haven't gotten the drive to rip the disk as now I'm coming up with issues with the disk. I cleaned the disc even though it didnt' need it, same issues.

(deleted error info)

As the 2nd drive is a USB drive I switched ports and the disc ran without issues. Dam how I hate USB. Someday they'll change the USB standards so it is worth a pound of salt peter.

issue resolved.

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