LibMMBD - MakeMKV decryption API

In addition to being an application, MakeMKV provides a simple API that any application can use to decrypt M2TS/SSIF files from a blu-ray disc (including 4k UHD discs). This API is implemented as an open-source library called LibMMBD. The way this library works, it launches a MakeMKV instance in background and communicates with MakeMKV in order to get decryption keys - so working MakeMKV is required for the library to function.

All programs that use libbluray library (that list includes VLC, mplayer, mpv, Kodi, JMC and many more) can use this API for on-the-fly decryption, enabling direct blu-ray playback. In order to enable this functionality a simple configuration settings change is required - there is no need to install any sort of device drivers or virtual drive emulators.

Starting from version 1.15.0 the integration settings of libmmbd can be changed in MakeMKV preferencs dialog. Depending on the operating system type and version the API can be enabled either for all programs or per application basis. Please see the specific OS sub-forum for details.