How to create decrypted full disc backup (M2TS) ?

MakeMKV can create a decrypted backup of a Blu-ray disc on a hard drive. Decrypted backup will contain all files from original disc but M2TS files will be decrypted (both AACS and BD+ will be removed). These files can be processed by variety of free software such as BD rebuilder, tsMuxER, MultiAVCHD to name a few, or played by most players.

In order to create backup, launch MakeMKV, select desired drive on main screen in "Source" box and press "backup" icon on a toolbar or select "Backup" from file menu. backup
Be sure to select "decrypt video files" on the next dialog.

Note - backup menu is disabled after disc is opened and title selection menu is present, you need to use backup from main menu or close the disc by selecting "Close" in "File" menu.

This operation is also available from command-line with makemkvcon backup --decrypt command


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