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by jeffandpamsmith
Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:42 pm
Forum: Blu-ray discs
Topic: Prometeus crash
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Re: Prometeus crash

I'm a newby, and am typing on a diff PC, but I got about the same as the last poster. Would be glad to send a dump file, but have no clue what it is. I'm not an idiot - I'm the guy you want standing over you if you've been shot, but not the one to fix anything computerish. I'm grateful this program ...
by jeffandpamsmith
Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:52 pm
Forum: General MakeMKV discussion
Topic: Trouble upgrading version.
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Trouble upgrading version.

I searched and cant find the answer. I paid for the license and am having trouble updating to the latest version. There is a link to click when I open MakeMKV, but when I download, even tried restarting the PC, I still have the same version. Whats the proper sequence? Do I uninstall the old first ea...
by jeffandpamsmith
Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:49 pm
Forum: Blu-ray discs
Topic: a few movies copy as a file, not folder
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a few movies copy as a file, not folder

I'm a newby, but have done the required reading here and searching. 90% of my movies copy fine. sometimes I have to recopy it after deleting an unsuccessful one and it works. I try to do the same routine every time. Occasional movies (ie Terminator 2 and Independence Day) end up copying to the right...
by jeffandpamsmith
Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:38 pm
Forum: Blu-ray discs
Topic: Three musketeers 2011
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Re: Three musketeers 2011

I tried the file 00437 angle 1 1:50:32, also had t41 listed wheras 2 replies claiming success above mention the same 00437 angle 1, but one has t41, the other t34 listed. everything esle seemed to match yours, deleted all prev 3 Musk attempts first, and it still wouldnt play, when I try all I get is...