MakeMKV does not find my DVD or BluRay drive

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MakeMKV does not find my DVD or BluRay drive

Post by ISDPCMAN » Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:58 pm

I'm BRAND NEW to this whole concept. I built a Windows 10 machine with 4T of storage for a Plex theater box. I'm only interested in streaming movies to my TV. I chose MakeMKV because everyone said it was simple, fast and efficient for DVD and BluRay formats.

I have launched the program, after installing it, I loaded a movie into both the DVD and the BluRay drive (BR is USB attached, DVD is internal). Windows sees the movies in both drives but MkV does not detect either drive.

This is the 64 bit version of Windows 10 (Pro).

Am I missing something?

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Re: MakeMKV does not find my DVD or BluRay drive

Post by Woodstock » Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:38 pm

It is possible that the software you have installed on the machine is taking control of the drives, so that when MakeMKV asks for a list of optical drives, Windows says, "There are none".

I had this with an early version of BD playback software, which took control of the BD drive as soon as Windows booted up. It didn't stop until I removed the software. Later version are not that greedy, from what I hear, but they do still periodically update the drive's firmware, which is not often for your benefit, so I refuse to install drive-specific programs anymore.

Are you accessing this machine from its normal console, or are you using a remote console to access it? Windows will hide the optical disks from any remote application, unless you make specific security changes to allow access. Even then, Windows will default to not allowing "full" access to drives if you are not running under an administrator account.
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