Properly tagging TV shows: Is there a better way?

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Properly tagging TV shows: Is there a better way?

Post by mukiex » Mon May 28, 2018 7:08 am

So right off the bat, an example of the horrible, mega-jank way I tag my Blu-Ray backups. This one's for Season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Basically, once MakeMKV has ripped all of the discs, I wanna make sure that things look good an consistent.

So first I check which episodes have an extra subtitle or audio track that's outside of the norm. For TNG Season 3, there's a few episodes with 1 audio commentary track, a one episode with TWO audio commentary tracks, and a few episodes where an extra Japanese captions track is added that only shows information on signs and whatnot.

So for most episodes, I place the relevant caption and track name data (and then move the English Dolby digital track to the bottom 'cause we already have 2 English tracks), title the episode after the TVDB entry, and then remux the episode into a new MKV with those changes. For the captioned episodes I add the caption information to that track's title.

It's also tricky with TNG because the discs are usually in backwards order on the disc; sometimes they're not, which was a bit frustrating on the earlier seasons. Plus I end up having to double-check each episode by skipping one chapter into it, which thankfully on TNG always raises the title card. (it's a nightmare on TV shows that don't).

Anyhoo, I feel like there's gotta be a better way than writing a bash script for this stuff. Is there any sort of database-driven app for this sorta thing?

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