Make an unfinished MKV playable

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Make an unfinished MKV playable

Post by bvrulez » Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:11 pm

I tried to rip from a very scratched disk (chinese movie Fallen Angels) and I got a medium error just during the last 5 seconds of ripping. I tried it twice and the second time I copied the file that was in the making before makeMKV deleted it and aborted the rip.

Now I have a 5GB mkv file that is not playable. There must be a way to play it. If I just miss 5 seconds of the movie, it does not matter at all.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I checked with handbrake and I might be able to process this file in handbrake, but there are no audio tracks.

Having this problem I think about why MakeMKV is not able to save a file that has not been read to the end. It should be possible to tell MakeMKV to do so. I am no expert but I would suspect that the content of the disk is "streaming" the movie so that when MakeMKV is not able to read certain parts it should be able to continue at a later stage of the disk (in my case it was the end anyway).

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