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Best media player

Post by scuba » Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:38 pm

Hi Guys,

I am using MKV as my default tool to set up my HDD media collection.
Just hoping some of you could share opinion on the best media player as i am in the market, my current short list is as follows.

Popcorn hour a210

Netgear neo 550

Asus o play HD

Any opinions or reviews from anyone would be great


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Re: Best media player

Post by tony55 » Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:33 pm

is the primary location for info on media players.

Myself, I have a few Seagate Theater+ devices that I bought a while back when they were on sale and like them very much. No problems with playing external hard disks with DVD iso or 1920x1080 MKVs.

I also have a WD player. Plays fine but the remote is very limited in what it allows the device to do. Would not buy another one for that reason.


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Re: Best media player

Post by scuba » Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:38 am

Hi Tony

Thanks..... the web site sure is a comprehensive guide to media players.

I use my usb feature through my samsung bd player for my hdd files at the moment, but it is rubbish. (not enough format supported , cant fast forward, no subtitles etc)

I am leaning towards the popcorn hour at this stage.


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Re: Best media player

Post by Icanseestars » Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:10 pm

Some players are slightly better at different things so it depends on what you want.

HDI Dune players have some of the most stable playback of HD video and HD audio bitstreaming but their UI is nothing snazzy and third party jukeboxes are complicated to set up.

The Boxee Box has the fastest GUI and one of the most user friendly with fully automated media scraping & integrated juebox but it has buggy HD audio support.

WDTV Live v2/WDTV Live Hub offer a fast UI with integrated media scraping but that only works on USB sources and also cannot bitstream DTS-MA audio.

If you don't care for HD audio the latest version of the WDTV Live is a good budget buy.

As to the other players you listed
Popcorn hour a210 - decent player with stable playback but GUI is slow has been replaced by the newley announced A300 get that over the A210 if buying a Syabas player.

Netgear neo 550 - cheapest player capable of playing Blu-ray ISO with full menus but is buggy.

Asus o play HD - bargain basement player cannot handle HD audio bitstreaming, only the OPlay2 does that.

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