blank audio track name by default

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blank audio track name by default

Post by Q-the-STORM » Tue May 14, 2013 1:51 pm

since v1.7.10 it is possible to blank audio name (thanks for that), but I'm wondering if it's possible to blank audio names by default...
currently audio name is automatically channel mapping (2/0, 3/2+1, etc), but couldn't channel mapping simply be put in Track information, after channels ?
Channels: 6 (3/2+1)


Channels: 6
Channel mapping: 3/2+1

or maybe simply a check box in expert mode which gives the option to blank all audio names...

I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate something like this... it gets really annoying to delete all audio names one by one, especially when remuxing TV Shows..

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