makemkv now payware? :-(

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makemkv now payware? :-(

Post by snotrocket » Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:36 am


Just noticed that with makemkv 1.4.12 there is a 30 day time expiration date .......Then visited the makemkv website and saw its advertized for $50.00 USD for Blu-Ray dekryption. :-( did anyone else note this??? :roll: :roll: if you ask me the price is high for a piece of software that can only do mkv files. for a bit more i can get anydvd or dvd fab and it will do all kinds of formats does every blu ray movie out there and the support is much better then here.

just wanted to give my 0.02 cents on the matter...

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Re: makemkv now payware? :-(

Post by setarip_old » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:05 am


Would you please be good enough to provide a link to the advertised price?

(Perhaps another senior moment for me, but I've been unable to locate it.)

Thank you.

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Re: makemkv now payware? :-(

Post by mike admin » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:15 am

We are sorry that MakeMKV did not work out for you. Regarding some of your claims:
  • "a bit more" - both DvdFab and AnyDVD use subscription model - you have to pay "a bit more" every year. MakeMKV is one-time purchase.
  • "does every blu ray movie out there" - MakeMKV can open all Blu-ray discs up to date. Dvd Fab still has troubles with BD+ while it is two years older than MakeMKV
  • "it will do all kinds of formats" - Anydvd HD does only one format - original Blu-ray M2TS files, you need to use other programs for conversion. Nearly all conversion software that takes M2TS as input will also take MKV.
  • "can only do mkv files" - to create "only mkv" one has to process seamless branches properly, extract core audio and forced subs, remove unneeded streams and do all of it at the speed of copy. In addition MakeMKV can stream original M2TS file if you want it this way.
Constructive feedback even if it goes with comparison of competing software is welcomed here, but unfortunately your post fails to fit into this category.