DVD streaming does not show any subtitles

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DVD streaming does not show any subtitles

Post by Wild Penguin » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:39 pm


First, Thanks for this excellent software!

As I don't currently have a stand-alone DVD nor a Blueray player, I have a lot of use for this sofftware. It let's me stream to anything (that can receive streams) or make files when I need to play an optical disk - instead of playing at the computer that has the drive!

I know that the streaming feature is experimental, but just to point out this little thing (which might be a simple oversight or something); as it stands it seems that while streaming BlueRays, all content (subtitles, audio, video / whatever) on the streamed track are available, however this is not the case for DVDs - it seems no subtitle tracks are available in the stream.

I can create an MKV without problems, though, and while doing so, all subtitles are detected and accessible by MakeMKV. Sometimes it would be more convenient to directly stream the DVD track(s)...

Oh, this is on Arch Linux, MakeMKV 1.10.8


p.s. if any mods feel so inclined, feel free to move this to another section. I was not sure which section is the most appropriate one!

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