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MakeMKV and BDedit

Post by preserve » Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:21 pm

This is perhaps half an MakeMKV question, half a BDedit question.

I'm hoping someone here might have an idea or is familiar with BDedit (or another tool that would do the same job), because I haven't found any help on the BDedit side of things.

There are a number of cases where I want to remove a segment from a playlist prior to ripping - in theory it seems that this should be the easiest way to accomplish what I want:

- Sometimes there is a segment at the end (the Majel Barrett "tribute" cards on almost all episodes of TOS, which I strongly dislike for a number of reasons).

- Sometimes, and this is the one that really annoys me, the only playlist of a movie that includes all the proper audio tracks also includes a segment with 5 seconds blank at beginning, with surround sound testing audio.

So here are the steps I followed, but it's not working (see step 3) and I'm not sure if this is because of MakeMKV or because of BDedit:

(I am using BDedit v0.39b because I can't find v0.40, don't know if v0.40 was actually released or not.)

1) Make a disc backup with MakeMKV.

2) In BDedit, go to Playlist tab, select the mpls I want from the dropdown, locate the segment that I want to delete, press Shift-Delete, and the unwanted segment disappears from the list. Press the Save button. Quit BDedit.

3) Try to open the disc backup with MakeMKV, and it opens just fine... except it skips the modified playlist.

4) In BDedit, after I modify the playlist, if I navigate in the dropdown to another playlist and then back to the playlist that I modified, it does display the modified playlist, but it also gives an Access Violation error.
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