Many DVDs to MKV via Bat-File

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Many DVDs to MKV via Bat-File

Post by ireallydontknow » Wed May 02, 2018 10:19 am

Hello I am new here and I am also totally new to batch, mkv, dvd and all this.

I have 22 physical DVDs here on my desk and I would like to have them on my Plex server as mkv file.
Each dvd has 3 to 5 episodes.
When opening MakeMKV (with GUI) it selects all episodes, all languages, all subtitles and a first title which has the size of the entire DVD.

The first "title" of each DVD needs to be skipped because it's some kind of "all episodes in one title".
How do I do that?

My script so far

Code: Select all

@echo off

set dvd_info=~dvd_info
set makemkv=D:\Programme\MakeMKV\makemkvcon64.exe
set current_dir=%cd%

REM get the DVD info
%makemkv% -r info > %dvd_info%

REM parse DVD info file to get the DVD label
for /F "skip=1 tokens=6 delims=," %%a in (%dvd_info%) do set "discLabel=%%~a" & goto continue

del %dvd_info%

set output="%cd%\%discLabel%\"
mkdir %output%

%makemkv% mkv disc:0 all %output%
START /WAIT %makemkv%

When I see this forum... many topics 1000+ views and 1 or no answer... I will give up. I think I try another tool with a more active community. Except someone answers here.

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