Script help needed

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Script help needed

Post by satkid » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:22 pm

I am looking to use the makemkvcon having lots of dvds films and TV. They have been ripped to a folder, so I want to open up each folder and then create the MKV files in a different output folder. Been reading but not really seeing a dos script that this works for. I have a folder with DVDs in (c:\ORIGINAL_DVDS) and output (c:\MKV_OUTPUT).

Please can anyone help?

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Re: Script help needed

Post by ember1205 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:02 pm

Code: Select all

Use: makemkvcon [switches] Command [Parameters]

  info <source>
      prints info about disc
  mkv <source> <title id> <destination folder>
      saves a single title to mkv file
  stream <source>
      starts streaming server
  backup <source> <destination folder>
      backs up disc to a hard drive

Source specification:
  iso:<FileName>    - open iso image <FileName>
  file:<FolderName> - open files in folder <FolderName>
  disc:<DiscId>     - open disc with id <DiscId> (see list Command)
  dev:<DeviceName>  - open disc with OS device name <DeviceName>

  -r --robot        - turn on "robot" mode, see
What more do you need to know?

makemkvcon -r mkv file:<path/to/files>

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