Closed Captioning causing hangup, how do I disable?

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Closed Captioning causing hangup, how do I disable?

Post by wbeavis » Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:45 pm

I have about 3 DVD's that would not convert, the output would hang at like 3k. I discovered it was the Close Captioning. If I deselect Close Captioning subtitle track from the stuck track, the conversion works. Tried updating the ccextractor to latest, but same issue. If I leave it blank, I get an issue about not finding the ccextractor binary (I'm running Linux Mint 18). Or, at least that was an issue in the past.

Just looking at the selection rules, I've not been able to decipher who to surgically remove just CC tracks (or lossy subtitle tracks). Admittedly, I am very new to the selection rules.

I have no need for these tracks (at the moment). So other than manually deselecting when I run into a problem (admittedly only 3 in the last month, but never in the year prior), is there an easy solution to auto deselect using rule OR to disable/skip CC process. Should blank setting work? Is there a dummy binary I can point to that makes makemkv happy but ultimate does nothing?

Thanks for any help,

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