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Re: MakeMKV Batch Converter

Post by kofal » Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:10 am

Hello to everybody following this thread, I have good (no, great!) news!!!

I have been in contact with/working with the developer of MakeMKVBatch, and he has now brought the site back online!

it can be found here:

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Re: MakeMKV Batch Converter

Post by mwijas » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:38 pm

To the developer (agritton) of this tool. I have been using it to convert a rather large media collection to MKV and I have a few feature requests that I believe would benefit anyone using the tool.

1. Allow the in-progress text shown in the Current Conversion window to be saved, or at minimum copied and pasted. When I convert a large number of files, I need to review this information and take appropriate action for those which had an issue. Ideally, this could be written to a log file, and have the log file updated at the completion of each source file (i.e,. if there were 100 source files, the log file would be written to/updated 100 times). The reason this approach is necessary is because if the entire program crashes during a conversion process, all of the information in the Current Conversion window is lost (unless written to a logfile throughout the conversion process). For anyone who might be concerned about this (writing to a logfile) adding time to the conversion, you could make it so that it can be turned on or off with a checkbox on the Advanced tab.
2. Allow for the records in the Conversion Queue to be saved to a file, or at least copied to the clipboard. When I have completed a conversion of many records, I need to go back and review the activity results (#1 above) against each record in the Queue. Ideally, this could be written to a file on demand (before or after the conversion is complete). Again, it needs to be written (or copied) in the event the entire program crashes during a conversion process, all of the information in the Conversion Queue is lost.
3. In the Current Conversion window, please add a reference to the filename (from the Queue) at the start of each conversion. As it stands now, currently the only way to reconcile the results between the Current Conversion window and the Conversion Queue is to count records from the start, which is extremely cumbersome.
4. Add the ability to ‘Select All’ in the Conversion Queue. Consider the following - if I am processing several hundred records (500 for example), and those source files were all added in one step because they were all contained in a single directory, and with 50 records remaining to be converted, the entire application crashes (or hangs) – I now have to go back and add all 500, and then deselect 450 one-by-one to get to the 50 remaining that still need to be converted. This is extremely cumbersome and it would be much better to ‘Select All’ and manually deselect the 50 I need.
5. Add the ability to Stop the conversion.

Once again, thanks for the great tool and I hope you are able to implement these improvements!

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Re: MakeMKV Batch Converter

Post by Heinrich » Fri May 12, 2017 1:11 pm

I'm not sure I'm using this particularly effectively.

it's splitting my iso's up into all mkv files but I have no idea for instance which mkv is which episode. So for some shows that don't display their title (like Arrow) I have to fire up the iso and the mkv's and figure out which mkv is which episode. This is pretty slow. Throw in the deleted scenes and such ... plus I'm getting sometimes more than one mkv of the same episode. Am I missing something? is there an easier, less time consuming process?

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Re: MakeMKV Batch Converter

Post by Devious » Fri May 12, 2017 1:20 pm

Just wanted to say thank you for this program.

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Re: MakeMKV Batch Converter

Post by BobRPC » Mon May 22, 2017 12:26 pm

Awesome find, your program did a great job of batch converting my ISOs to MKV, thank you!

couple notes for new users of this great tool:
1. I noticed that the original file name must have lower case .iso extension, if named with uppercase .ISO the program will not acknowledge the file exist
2. If I select 'Same as source" for destination the conversion will fail. Choosing a different folder for output fixed the problem for me.

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Re: MakeMKV Batch Converter

Post by Bmirak » Fri Dec 06, 2019 2:03 pm

This utility is excellent. It could potentially save me hours converting my video_ts and BDMV library to MKV.

I have only two questions:

1. Is it possible to change the output file name to remove the all caps and underscores? For example, I’d like “The Greatest Showman” to read like that - not THE_GREATEST_SHOWMAN.

2. This might be a MakeMKV issue, but for some reason when I convert video_ts files, the resulting MKVs all play with the English subtitles enabled. I can then turn them off in the movie playback, but is there any way to avoid the subs being activated by default?

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