Ripping with multiple drives at one time

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Ripping with multiple drives at one time

Post by mgrobins » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:13 am


I purchased a couple of Lite-on drives to get through a few hundred DVD's I want to make available on my NAS.

I use the GUI version of MakeMKV and it is a painful experience with it trying to reset to whichever drive I place a disk in.

Mike, you stated some time back ( that the command line version had a fix in place and the GUI would shorlty do so as well.

Is this available yet or able to be activated?

How do I activate secret settings like "io_SingleDrive"?

I'd like to open an instance of MakeMKV and lock it to a drive. Heck, even untick other drives just so it ignores them.

Hope some help can be provided :).

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