How To submit new UHD logs

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Re: How To submit new UHD logs

Post by gonca » Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:37 pm

That was the point. If anydvd was able to open your disc, then MakeMKV certainly could. Probably some bad setup with hashed keys location or read error...
Redfox finally admitted that they stole the keys, but they claim that it doesn't count because the keys_hashed file was open to download, before they reverse engineered the hash
Guess locks on your door at home don't count, with that logic
Have 2 MakeMKV licenses and I will be shortly getting a third to support your efforts Mike
Thank you for your hard work

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Re: How To submit new UHD logs

Post by preserve » Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:51 am

gonca wrote:Redfox finally admitted that they stole the keys...
Never had any doubt that what Mike said was true. I don't know how much Mike or Woodstock want this discussed here, but I can't resist commenting briefly because man "RedFox 1" gets on my nerves, and there'd probably be little point in making such a reply on their forums, as I assume it'd be deleted, and they may go back and edit their own posts as well.

The biggest issue for me is not what they did... it's how they chose to do it, and what their staff are spouting on their forums, because apparently their staff aren't informed about how their product works, so they get their foot in their mouth...
RedFox 1 on on Feb 17 wrote:Some people just cant handle the fact that we are the best.
Clearly drinking just a bit too much of the RedFox Kool-Aid...
RedFox 1 on on Feb 21 wrote:We have more class than that.
Actually, this whole thing makes RedFox look pretty bad and unprofessional.
RedFox 1 on on Feb 21 wrote:I have more important things on my mind than what some jealous insignificant small time developer has to say.
Yes, some "jealous insignificant small time developer," in fact, they are so "insigificant" and "small time" that they did all the hard work that RedFox didn't know how to do.
RedFox 1 on on Feb 17 wrote:I guess he is just jealous that we have a way of our own now.
Yes, if by having "a way of your own" you mean "we just take the keys and import them, hide the fact that we're doing it, and then pretend to our users that we did all the hard work."

That's what ticks me off the most about this.

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Re: How To submit new UHD logs

Post by mike admin » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:58 pm

I can only say a big Thank You to everyone for your support. Not that I'm very happy about the whole thing, but all facts are out there now, so anyone can decide for himself. I'd rather not to discuss this any further. Once again, thanks for your support. It matters a lot.