UHD rip fails every time

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UHD rip fails every time

Post by InsidiousLG » Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:27 pm

Hello Everybody,

I have an LG BH16NS55 and everytime i try to rip an UHD it fails.
My Drive does recognize the UHD (exact title and everything is shown in the Explorer and also MakeMKV does recognize the movie and the protection) and the movie i want to rip is also supported in the Hashed Keys (Iron man 1).
But everytime when i try to rip a move to mkv it fails.
Even if i try to make a backup it also fails.

my latest error message was :

A few weeks ago i could succesful rip one single movie but i don't know how i managed to do this :lol:

Any idea why this problems occurs ? :?:

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