Step-by-step guide for the best (IMHO) drive: LG WH16NS60

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tragic bleak
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Step-by-step guide for the best (IMHO) drive: LG WH16NS60

Post by tragic bleak » Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:30 pm

You want to rip UHD movies with MakeMKV and don't know where to start? What drive to buy? What firmware to flash to make it a "LibreDrive"? What utility to use to flash the firmware? There is so much information in this forum, it can be daunting. Even Billy's guide leaves certain things to be desired (you have to click 1 of 3 links to a polish forum, then figure out which of the links to click to download a zip, then figure out you need BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe even though your drive is not at all a BH14NS40...)

So I made a step-by-step guide for what I consider to be the "best" drive as of mid-2019 to rip UHD movies with MakeMKV:

Step 1
Buy the LG WH16NS60 drive (I linked to the product page that "ships from and sold by Amazon" - can't always trust third-party sellers on Amazon). Widely available from retailers. Reliable according to rippers. Officially supports UHD. No "sleep bug". Easy to flash.

Step 2
Download the patched 1.01 firmware: ... (in this ZIP, the patched 1.01 firmware is the file
My drive manufactured in March 2019 came with the latest official firmware 1.01 (confirmed by sticker on drive showing "ROM VER: 1.01") but you need to flash it with the patched 1.01 firmware to make it a LibreDrive immune to Blu-ray host revocation.

Step 3
Download the Windows flashing utility: or as an alternative location for same utility: ... meZTN/view (in these ZIPs, the utility is the file BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe) The utility was created by a someone who reverse engineered and modified LG's official flasher for an unrelated drive (BH14NS40) and made it possible to flash various drives such as our WH16NS60.

Step 4
Run BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe. The interface looks like this:
Select your drive in the drop-down list. Then click the OPEN button and select HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_WH16NS60-1.01-NM00100-211711202000.bin. Then click the GO button. Reboot. Done! Your drive is now a LibreDrive that MakeMKV can use to rip UHD movies.

Step 5
Verify everything is working as expected by launching MakeMKV. The first time MakeMKV detects your drive's firmware is LibreDrive-enabled it needs Internet access to download one more piece (the SDF.bin file) to configure and actually use LibreDrive. If everything works as expected it should report LibreDrive as enabled:

Optional further information
Where do these links and files come from?
The source for the flashing utility was originally published on this polish forum: ... s58-96313/
The source for the patched 1.01 firmware is Mike's post here: ... 19&t=19113 The patched 1.01 firmware is an "MK" firmware type meaning it was modified by MiKe to make it support LibreDrive. If like me you wonder why the ZIP contains no "DE" (Downgrade Enabled) firmwares it's because, as I understand, either today's flashing utilities are able to force a downgrade without having installed a DE firmware, or people have made MK firmware for all latest official versions, so you are never "downgrading" to a lower version number.

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Re: Step-by-step guide for the best (IMHO) drive: LG WH16NS60

Post by maxblack » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:30 pm

tragic bleak wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:30 pm
...There is so much information in this forum, it can be daunting. Even Billy's guide leaves certain things to be desired...
I agree and so your thread deserves a bump I think. My WH16NS60 is already "fixed", but AFAICT your steps are right on the money, good work.

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