Looking for a BH16NS40 (SVC NS40) dumped firmware

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Looking for a BH16NS40 (SVC NS40) dumped firmware

Post by Jeco92 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:11 pm

I have a BH16NS40 SVC Code NS40.

By mistake I flashed it with a BH16NS40 SVC Code NS55 firmware.

I was able to come back to a NS40 firmware but I loose my calibration data (the one you transfer using merge tools).

Without calibration data, the drive led blink two times and stop, it is normal.

I put inside my firmware the calibration data of a BH16NS55 drive I have and now it works again (I can read CD/BluRay etc...).

I think it is slower than before so I am looking for a dumped firmware version, dumped from a NS40 SVC Code drive to get the calibration data and put them in my firmware.

If you have one, please send it to me or post it in the forum.

Thank to all in advance.

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