Help Asus BW-16D1H-U

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Help Asus BW-16D1H-U

Post by Mattema » Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:00 am

Hi, I bought the Asus BW-16D1H-U, but it does not seem to work.
Please help..

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Re: Help Asus BW-16D1H-U

Post by Woodstock » Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:28 pm

The -U Asus is not capable of reading UHD disks. I've personally posted several messages about this.

The drive inside the enclosure is NOT the same as the Asus units mentioned in the "friendly" list. It cannot read BDXL disks, which means no UHD.

It is a very nice non-UHD drive; I gave mine to a friend who has no interest in UHD, and he likes it.
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Re: Help Asus BW-16D1H-U

Post by st4evr » Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:35 am

In addition:

1. The forum search function works. You will find several topics related to this which may be of help:


many in which what Woodstock mentions is discussed.

2. Simply saying "it does not work" does not help us help you. This is an online forum. We are not sitting next to you or are mind readers. Well, at least not me anyways. Posting error logs, error text, screenshots of errors, detailed description of what is happening, etc goes a long way in finding further help/advise for whatever problem you are having.

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Re: Help Asus BW-16D1H-U

Post by MartyMcNuts » Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:13 am

Mattema wrote:
Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:00 am
Hi, I bought the Asus BW-16D1H-U, but it does not seem to work.
Please help..
You should have done some research before purchasing that drive!! As has been said, the "-U" version is not UHD capable and most likely never will be.

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Re: Help Asus BW-16D1H-U

Post by mike admin » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:34 pm

What firmware version do you have currently? Does it starts with "A" i.e. A201 A202 or something like that?

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Re: Help Asus BW-16D1H-U

Post by asmcom » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:58 pm

The drive Probably as a Pioneer BDR-209MBK drive which is not UHD friendly. But the good news is you can remove this drive very easy by removing two screws under the back rubber feet then you can gently Prise apart. Then you can fit a BW-16D1HT into this drive. I have sold one of these drives on ebay. See link ... 1559.l2649

If you send me this drive I will fit BW-16D1HT with firmware 3.10Mk for £69.99 you pay post both ways. I am happy also to email you pictures and talk you through it.

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