Some info on issues I encountered upgrading

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Some info on issues I encountered upgrading

Post by jack123 » Tue Oct 27, 2020 1:52 pm

I hope this is of use to someone:

I have just upgraded to beta 1.15.3 from an old release
Win7-64 Pro SP1
Intel i7 3.2 (running at 4.0Ghz)
32GB ram
LG BH16NS55 ATA original 1.02 unpatched

Download and installed makemkv 1.15.3 and tested on BD disc
Makemkv reported out of date so got it working the known method
Tried again and stalled _t00 at 6GB (should be 14GB)
it continued as if complete to do the same with _t01 etc.
The converted files did not play - media info reported no video in them
Repeated with no improvement

Downloaded MK drive patch and flasher for 1.05
Save existing 1.02
Tried flashing 1.05 got error 0x08f062900 and flash failed and exited but left 1.02 intact
re-boots no effect tried a couple of times
discovered the register path to makemkv issue but no luck
*By accident ran flash with makemkv open and it flashed* but afterwards
gave "command failed 0x8f062900" - this time makemkv displayed new firmware version
so I immediately rebooted. Dont know what command that refers to - nothing on yahoo I can find

Tried a disc convert and it ran fine - until writing to a thumb drive from another file during which
make mkv paused entirely until the copy ended and makemkv then re-started (so much for
microsoft multi-tasking)

I'm now seeing transfer speeds up to 34.7 M/s varying depending on progress.
Next task is to add AC3 conversion (some readme files would be nice guys - I spotted the tgz by accident)

Many thanks as always to all contributors - I really hate having to wait out copyright notices etc on products I've
paid dearly for!

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