Found Potential Bug

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Found Potential Bug

Post by razzam21 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:25 am

I am in the process of converting all of my media to digital and then streaming it in my house. I didn't know how well I would like it so I only did a part of my collection and just let it sit for a while to see if I used it. I discovered I do so I am in the process of completing the conversion. This entails getting a dedicated beefy server to convert any new media that we acquire as well as host the digitized content. MakeMKV has been a steady work horse at doing this. Pretty much anything I throw at it as long as the disc is clean it hands fine. While I am converting I am setting up the new more permanent environment. I had just put Justice League in the DVD drive and MakeMKV was reading it and a little helper stepped on the power strip for the new main server. I am only in the process of moving over to it so I have an nfs share on the current machine the is converting the media. After the power goes off and MakeMKV has scanned the disc to let me choose what I want to rip. It crashes. I restart it a number of times same error. Then I think I wonder if it is the network share I have added but the machine doesn't have access to. Once I get the new server up and running and the current working machine can access the directory MakeMKV behaves as usually. MakeMKV is reading from an external USB BluRay drive and writing to local storage. I only have the mapping in place as I work on some automation scripts. So I would think that an inaccessible network path that MakeMKV shouldn't need access to shouldn't cause a problem. No biggy for me. Either I will unmount the drive or make sure the server is running in the future. So for me an easy work around but I figured I would pass along what I learned.

Steps to recreate issue:
Using Ubuntu 17.04
Using External USB BluRay drive
Install nfs-common on machine with MakeMKV
Connect machine with MakeMKV to directory on another machine using nfs
Start MakeMKV scanning the disc
Power off or pull network connection from the other machine
(the MakeMKV machine should now not have access to the share on the other machine)
Once the scan is done it will hang for a few seconds a crash.

If you have any questions let me know.

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