Optical Drive not being found

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Re: Optical Drive not being found

Post by agressiv » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:28 pm

Hello, I'm still having this problem. <snip>

For me, it's permissions, as downgrading to 1.10.8 didn't help.

makemkvcon shows drives when run as sudo, but not as a regular user. I've even added myself to the optical group, but I shouldn't have to do that.

Running arch linux. Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to run makemkv as root.

Edit: had to chmod 777 sr0 and sg4. Seems strange that I'd have to do that, but I'll deal with it later.

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Re: Optical Drive not being found

Post by crhrwc » Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:24 pm

I came looking here because I had a similar problem, "can't find any usable optical drives". In my case, I'm using makemkv inside VNC (Linux, Fedora 29).

And the fix was "chmod a+rw /dev/sg1"

Hopefully folks Googling VNC, MakeMKV, and doesn't work will hit on this solution :)
Fedora Linux.
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Re: Optical Drive not being found

Post by alisonken1 » Thu May 02, 2019 10:22 pm

Fedora 29
MakeMKV 1.14.3

I have a bluray USB drive (/dev/sr1), but MakeMKV only shows the installed DVD drive (/dev/sr0).

I know the drive works since I used VLC to play dvd's.

Is there a setting somewhere that I missed that can tell MakeMKV where the bluray drive is?

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Re: Optical Drive not being found

Post by dnlaua » Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:45 am

Figured it out after trying to use

Code: Select all

downgrade makemkv
and reading the error message.
First type

Code: Select all

Then type password.
Then type

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echo sg > /etc/modules-load.d/sg.conf

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Worked like a charm
Note I'm on Manjaro, so you may need a different folder than modules-load.d.

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