Post-rip conversion scripts for Batman: The Animated Series

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Post-rip conversion scripts for Batman: The Animated Series

Post by mukiex » Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:31 am

Pasting script contents on both sides of the post:
Season 1 -

I'm working on scripts that do the following:
  • Copy every episode file to a TVDB-friendly filename
  • Title every episode with its name
  • Name every track appropriately... ish.
  • Make a copy of the commentary tracks to a MKA file. The track name is titled "Commentary by (people speaking on the track)". Kodi will automatically load these as an extra audio track if it's in the same folder.
As far as I know, the dependencies for this script are:
  • bash, sed, grep
  • mkvtoolnix
The script is basically automated, and assumes that you've ripped every folder of the first season discs into a single parent folder, with all tracks enabled (it removes the redundant DTS track).


Run the script. It will send you a bunch of generated makemkv commands. If it looks good, run it again and pipe it into bash, or go back and copy/paste those commands to run it manually. It's going to generate a whole mess of tmp files, as mkvmerge doesn't seem to accept STDIN for chapter files. Another key point is that because it's basically copying all the files, you'll want at least 200 gigs of free space on the device you're copying everything to.

I don't know if anyone will benefit from there, but it could save someone a bit of time. Maybe.

Script contents:
Season 1 -

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