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Pioneer BDR-XS07TS rips only with 2X

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:55 pm
by Harri
Hi folks,

using makemkv 1.15.2 my shiny new Pioneer BDR-XS07TS rips a DL BR only with a constant 8.5 MByte/sec (2X). This is pretty disappointing. According to the specs it should reach 4X at least.

My old LG drive BP06LU10 rips with 11.2 MByte/sec up to 20 MByte/sec (4.6X). And it has only USB 2.0. Same disk, same USB port.

How comes? Firmware problem?

Every helpful hint is highly appreciated


Re: Pioneer BDR-XS07TS rips only with 2X

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:46 pm
by RandomForumGuy
I don't have that exact drive, but I do have the BDR-XD05B. It's an external, USB-powered drive.

I have a similar problem: the drive runs as fast as expected, but only on the first connection to a machine. On subsequent connections (including a constant physical connection through a sleep-wake cycle), the drive will run at a very slow speed (presumably 2x like you describe).

For this drive (and possibly other Pioneer BDR drives as well), there is a Windows firmware tool that allows the user to make some changes to how the drive operates. The setting I remember is the "quiet" setting (or something to that effect), which is really just capping the max speed. IOW, the faster it runs, the louder it is. When I got the drive (years ago), I had a Windows box handy, and I changed the firmware to max speed/least-quiet mode. Despite that, under Linux, it exhibits the behavior I just described (only fast on first connection).

For the last couple years or so, I've had an internal SATA drive, so I rarely use this drive. And as such, never taken the time to fix the slowness issue.

So, unfortunately, that's not very helpful. But if you're searching for a solution, it might be worth expanding your search to also include BDR-XD05B as well, since I suspect there's a decent chance the problems are related. Sorry I can't be of more help, other than to say "me too (sorta)". :)

Re: Pioneer BDR-XS07TS rips only with 2X

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:18 pm
by MetalDave
I have a BDR-208M (aka BDR-2208), and I experienced similar issues. This was my first Blu-ray burner/reader, and I installed it in a Vantec NexStar DX case.

Although the unit is rated between 4x and 8x for reads on BD-R (depending upon the optical media), I found the performance to be inconsistent. When I would rip discs, some would give me great speed, and others would just throttle to the minimum (i.e. 2x).

Obviously, time is the great cost for the ripping and encode process, so I started exploring my options early on. I ended up buying an LG WH165NS40 to test as an alternative, and I never looked back. The performance was so far superior to the Pioneer that I left it behind. Recently, I had issues reading an older disc, and I dug the Pioneer out of mothballs. Using another Vantec external case, I found it still performed similarly to the early testing a couple of years prior (using a more current OS, etc.).

When an optical disc standard first gains widespread adoption, there are many variants of optical disc media on the market. Eventually, the market settles on a particular "standard" as to what media is most commonplace (especially the film distributors), but drive manufacturers are challenged to try and account for all of them. As an early player in this space, I believe that Pioneer made units particularly sensitive to the type of media being read.

In short, I'd suggest it's the drive. Based on the anecdotal feedback I've seen (including the posts in this thread), I believe the Pioneer units run on the conservative side for accuracy over speed. I believe there is a case for this (especially when you may have trouble reading an older disc), so it has it's uses.

I recently built a dedicated ripping and encoding rig, and I've taken both the LG and Pioneer drives and installed them into the tower case. My primary driver will be the LG, but the Pioneer is on standby any time I want to run it. It's also fun to run simultaneous rips (saves time), but the LG wins every time.

- Dave

Re: Pioneer BDR-XS07TS rips only with 2X

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:27 pm
by MetalDave
Incidentally, this is a great topic, but I'm wondering if there's a better forum for it. Moderators?