Feedback on your installation for the Linux-edition...

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Feedback on your installation for the Linux-edition...

Post by SarasotaSlim » Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:16 pm

Ok, I DID succeed in doing the installation on Linux
(on my Debian-family 'aptosid' distribution). I followed
your instructions shown here:

That said, I would encourage you to improve upon your
distribution method, as beta proceeds along towards
a production release.

I would HOPE that you will consider maybe having a
(Debian-family) respository, rather than requiring us
to build/install from 'source', as you now are doing.

[i.e. along the same lines as Google does, to distribute
the Linux editions of 'Chrome' browser.]

The clear advantage is that THEN it would become
straight-forward to understand how to DE-INSTALL 'makemkv'.
Not to mention simplifying the installation considerably.

I'm also betting that alot of relative Linux 'newbies' will
have trouble understanding details of your current method.

e.g. You could have mentioned example commands like:
tar zxvf makemkv_v1.6.16_oss.tar.gz
tar zxvf makemkv_v1.6.16_bin.tar.gz

and been clearer as to which ONE is 'source', since order
was stated as important. Etc.

Last, I have a geekier Linux friend who also installed it.
Here's his feedback:
well, i just spent an hour, modifying the makefiles
to properly use the DESTDIR variable - bcs i wanted the app in /opt/bin
not /usr/bin
got it to compile w/o errors , but it gave a runtime 'failed to initialize' error
recompiled a fresh set of sources and it comes up.
it's a shame that they have DESTDIR messed up.
if it were a .deb pkg, i wouldn't argue with where they put it
but if i've got to build it - i sure don't want it sitting among the packaged binaries...
Hope this feedback helps... :idea:
H.264 codec and are very cool. 8)
[And, so is MKV container-format.] :)

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