Enter license key on Headless server

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Enter license key on Headless server

Post by lightspear28 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:45 pm

I recently purchased a license key for MakeMKV and attempted to enter it into my build on my Ubuntu 14.04 server. I followed this method: http://www.makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6195

Unfortunately MakeMKV doesn't seem to recognize the key code as it still gives me the "Evaluation period has expired, shareware functionality unavailable." message when I try to backup my Blu Ray disks.

I am running a v1.9.5 linux(x64-release) build of MakeMKV. The only difference between the above linked method and what I did was the file name of the settings file being: "update.conf". I figured that this was just due to my build being newer.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Enter license key on Headless server

Post by Woodstock » Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:00 pm

Are you sure you modified the file under the correct user?
How to aid in finding the answer to your problem: https://www.makemkv.com/faq/item/8

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