MakeMKV doesn't show in Finder SOLVED!

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MakeMKV doesn't show in Finder SOLVED!

Post by Trasper » Sat May 12, 2018 11:13 am

I've used MakeMKV on my iMac for years, never had a problem.

MakeMKV seems to work fine as usual, but when I'm trying to locate the MakeMKV folder on my Mac I don't find it.
It's not a the default location, and when I search Finder, just the program icon and the program location shows.

When trying to rip a UHD disc I see where the dump file is stored, but the location "doesn't exists".
I simply can't find it even MakeMKV is showing the exact location. library/userame/makemkv.

I can't download volume keys, since I don't have any place to put them.

Running latest version of High Sierra and MakeMKV.

Any ideas?

All help and tips is appreciated.


------ Problem is solved. I created the location manually.

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