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Encoding Time?

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:26 am
by MacMan250
Hi everybody,

I'm new to this program and forum but the last two hours I have been reading through all the posts and still can't believe it!

"makemkv" looks like it does with commercial BlueRays movies what Handbrake has done for DVDs.

Assuming I have got everything right, the only thing I need is a Lacie 50GB BlueRay drive as well a my MBP and i'm ready to convert BD movies into h.264 movie files to play with Front Row.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!!!

Considering a Lacie BlueRay drive connected via FireWire 400 to my MBP running a 2.53GHz core2duo, how long would be the ripping time to a MKV file and again how long would Handbrake take to convert it into h.264 (of course using the highest quality in video and audio settings as well as full HD 1920x1080)