Digitally Re-Mastered, CGI added Mix

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Digitally Re-Mastered, CGI added Mix

Post by glenaw » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:02 am

I have been trying to make a mkv of Star Trek ( The Original Series ) and every time I do it the play back staggers to the point of being unwatchable. I'm putting on my Plex server.

From what I understand my DVD's are digitally re-mastered and has parts of it that are CGI enhanced. I would imagine that could creates problems. I have put many Blu Rays and DVD's on my plex server, over 300. It makes it a lot easier than searching what I consider be my huge collection to put the Disk into my player.

Any suggestions? Do you need additional information?

I would greatly appreciate any answers you can give me.


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Re: Digitally Re-Mastered, CGI added Mix

Post by Woodstock » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:14 am

"CGI enhanced" should have no effect, given the number of 100% CGI movies out there.

If there were errors during the rip, please post the log from the rip in a reply (FAQ link in my signature explains the logging).

"No errors"? Then there is probably an issue with the playback environment. And there can be a LOT of ways things do not play back properly. I check all my rips with VLC, in part because they're going to be compressed with handbrake en route to the media server, and I can gather information on the audio and subtitle tracks that way.
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