A Better Way To Find The Correct Playlist/Segment Map

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Post by SysCrasher » Mon Dec 30, 2019 3:38 pm

Mat1926 wrote:
Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:16 am
Mat1926 wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:06 pm
This method did not work for me. The issue is the "CloseFile" operation, it is not in the drop down menu, and typing "CloseFile" does not help...

The only way was a tutorial on YouTube using ProcessMonitor + PowerDVD + filtering Path only "mpls"...This lead to the correct play list... and then I used makmkv to extract that one only...
Okay, guys! Just a quick update...

The method I described above (not mine BTW), is the perfect starting point. It saves you a lot of trouble if you have many playlists, because you don't spend time searching for the correct playlist if you followed the OP method. And searching for .mpls instead of .m2ts served me well until last night!

I have this BD where the correct .mpls according to M$ Process Monitor does not show entirely in the MakeMKV list. So I thought of giving the .m2ts method a go...and guess what as expected I was able to find the correct playlist. However, maybe it is because I am on Win 10 X64, or because my Process Monitor is the latest, the only difference is that instead of "CloseFile", choose "IRP_MJ_CLOSE" from the combo box/drop down menu. That is the only difference...

Good luck, and thnx to OP for the help :)
Why you don't search for IRP_MJ_CLEANUP instead?
Then you only have the same count of segments than MakeMKV has.

Quote from a Microsoft documentation about this entry also looks very interesting:
When Sent

Receipt of the IRP_MJ_CLEANUP request indicates that the handle reference count on a file object has reached zero. (In other words, all handles to the file object have been closed.) Often it is sent when a user-mode application has called the Microsoft Win32 CloseHandle function (or when a kernel-mode driver has called ZwClose) on the last outstanding handle to a file object.

It is important to note that when all handles to a file object have been closed, this does not necessarily mean that the file object is no longer being used. System components, such as the Cache Manager and the Memory Manager, might hold outstanding references to the file object. These components can still read to or write from a file, even after an IRP_MJ_CLEANUP request is received.
I have tested it today on my StarWars 8 Bluray and it only shows me the different entries/segments. Maybe I'll test it later the week on other discs.
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Re: A Better Way To Find The Correct Playlist/Segment Map

Post by mgutt » Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:47 pm

Only for those people that already own the DVDFab package or want to pay 60 to 150 € for the player alone (does not make sense compared to the total lifetime package price):

If you start the movie through DVDFab Player and use the playlist button in the bottom right corner it displays the MPLS number of the movie:
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No need to monitor file access or fast play the movie.

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Re: A Better Way To Find The Correct Playlist/Segment Map

Post by MetalDave » Tue Jun 02, 2020 5:38 am

Hey, friends.

I just caught up with this thread this evening. Interesting information.

I'm wondering if this method could be transposed to use VLC as the Blu-ray player instead of those mentioned in the thread. To take it a step further, I also wonder if we can do something similar using macOS utilities (e.g. Activity Monitor or CLI utility).

Has anyone played with either to sleuth the segment map?


- Dave
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