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MKV extracts?

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:11 am
by tdtran1025
I want to consolidate the process of extracting PGS subtitles from BD. I have downloaded iMkvExtract but version 1.0 gives errors by extracting nothing into a designated folder. Version 2 is nowhere to be found or is it?
Here is what I know and have tried with success:
- tsMuxerGUI is great for extracting (demux) PGS subtitle for further processing BUT ONLY works with m2ts stream files, NOT mkv files. If I load mkv file into it, it won't detect PGS subs. Furthermore, on remuxing subtitles, it requires certain types of files that I yet find avaible, which leads me to this alternate process.
- After extracting PGS subs with tsMuxerGUI into files with SUP extension, I use BSSup2Sub to process them into SUB extion. This is another limiting factor here since there is little choice and this BSSup2Sub Java program does a fine job.
- Then I have to extract the BD again using MakeMKV to save it in mkv format.
- Use MkvToolnix to merge the subtitles in sub format back into the mkv file.

As one can see, I need to use MakeMKV twice- once to strip everything into m2ts stream that tsMuxerGUI can understand, twice for mkv format for remuxing by MkvToolnix.
This is way too inefficient. The one program that is promising, iMkvExtract is now nonfunctional although it does give me a window that appears ready to do its job.

Anyone with any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Re: MKV extracts?

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:40 am
by mike admin
Official MKVToolnix tools can extract PGS streams from MKV and are available on OSX. On windows you can also use eac3to.

Re: MKV extracts?

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:38 pm
by Inertius
Here's what I've been doing lately (on windows).

1. (~30 minutes) Rip main movie using MakeMKV
2. (~10 minutes) Extract PGS streams from the mkv to .sup files using the mkvextract CLI program, included with the mkvtoolnix ( package
3. (~15 minutes, depending on OCR failures) Convert .sup to .srt using SupRip (
4. (~9 hours - custom profile x264 compression on an i7 860) Compress video using handbrake (
5. (~10 minutes) Mux everything together using mkvmergegui (included with mkvtoolnix): compressed video, original audio, srt subtitles

Re: MKV extracts?

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:55 pm
by tdtran1025
- mike admin: eac3to is in Windows world. MkvToolnix for OS X can only extract PGS into another mka file, which is still a place holder that other subtitle programs won't be able to digest.

- Inertius:
I don't think I can get MkvExtract CLI for OS X. Maybe I don't know where to look. Furthermore; even though SubRip is great, it's not avaible in OS X.
I have been resorting to Windows platform to carry out this process. I would rather do this in OS X. In windows, my process is not different than what you suggested, except I use BDSup2Sub to convert my PGS tracks into vobsub. Then I remux everything I choose back into a mkv file. But my process does not take that long( my rig has Q9550, yours is much better). Here's what I do in Windows:
- Split up PGS into individual track with sup extension using MKVCleaver. This takes hardly 10 minutes.
- Use BDSup2Sub to convert sup subtitles to VobSub. This takes 1 minute for each track.
- Use MkvToolnix to remux into 1 mkv file, only this time with all the Vobsub subtitles in and without PGS subs. This usually takes 30 mins for a 30G file.
- Use Handbrake to transcode into MP4. All the subs show up as bitmap subtitles. This usually takes place @ an average of 23~23 fps, so it takes as long as the movie itself. I wonder why it takes you ~9 hrs?
But all this is carried out in Windows, though. I have no complaint because I am doing it. But I would rather find a MKV extractor for OS X that can split up all the tracks into individual files and for now MkvToolnix for OS X cannot do it.
Maybe If I wait long enough, MKVCleaver will be ported to OS X. tsMuxer is also great at splitting, but in remux, it rejects Vobsub files.

Thank you gentleman a great deal. MakeMKV is such a great product!

Re: MKV extracts?

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:00 am
by Inertius
Try linked from ... tml#macosx

I could test it when I get home, but it should come with the command-line programs. Since the only missing piece in your process under OSX seems to be getting the .sup, this should be all you need.

Compressing is slow on my computer probably because I have a lot of the x264 over-kill options on. Handbrake usually goes through blu-ray at 5-6 fps. Since I'm at work all day though, it doesn't matter to me.

I haven't tried BDSup2Sub, but I think I will. The main reason I use SupRip is because I prefer srt subs (can change font), but the OCR process does produce errors, as one would expect.