Can MakeMKV mux a large library of already ripped DVDs?

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Can MakeMKV mux a large library of already ripped DVDs?

Post by MickM » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:06 am

I have a very large collection of ripped dvds that I made on my Mac using MacDVDRipper Pro and it's "main movie only" option i.e. the menu and special features etc. were all removed - the output file is just the main movie (or the individual TV episodes). I chose the dvdmedia format (basically a standard DVD's video_ts structure) because I didn't want any further compression than was already on the dvd itself. Annoyingly, none of the media management tools out there (e.g. Plex) recognize dvdmedia files so I want to use MakeMKV to mux all of those files (several thousand of them) into *.mkv files.

I ran into a few issues trying to get even a single dvdmedia package muxed:

1. MakeMKV wouldn't use the filename at all i.e. if I opened Rocky.dvdmedia it would appear to deal with it as a DVD disc named "DVDAuthor 0.7.0" containing a title of "Title" instead of "Rocky". The output mkv file was also named "title_t00.mkv" instead of "Rocky.mkv". Can this behavior be changed to inherit from the filename? My TV episodes also have sensible filenames.

2. Given that I have thousands of these dvdmedia files I'd like to be able to do all of this in batch mode but I couldn't see how that might be possible. Is it?
If it is:
2a. Can I open a parent folder and have MakeMKV operate on every dvdmedia package in the entire hierarchy automatically?
2b. Is there a way to specify the muxed file destination to be the same as the source?
2c. Is there an (optional) way to delete the source after muxing? I have backups of everything but not enough storage in my NAS to hold both the original dvdmedia files and the muxed files.
2d. Can MakeMKV be run from the command line?

At the end of every mux a dialog box came up needing my attention to click on the "OK" button. Obviously that requirement would undermine any batch mode operation.

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