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Inspector Lewis

Post by RoyGBiv » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:46 pm

I am trying to back up Inspector Lewis season 8, and disc 2 is giving me a problem. I saw there have been issues with the BDs, but I could not find anything about DVDs on this site. The disc has one episode about 95 minutes long made up of two different parts both about 47 minutes long.

First if MakeMKV analyzes the disc, it shows there are a total of 3 titles greater than 120 seconds. One is 19 minutes, and the others are about 47 minutes and off by seconds for the total length but also with a different number of chapters. The first has 4 and the second 5. Clicking on these titles shows they have different components. If I try to copy these two files, the resulting MKV files are of different size, and reportedly different length when played in VLC, but they are actually both the first part.

Also, MKV will not even allow me to try to back up the entire disc. The backup button is "greyed out," and will not work.

I was able to open the disc with an old version of DVD Fab. It shows there are four different titles that have the exact same length, chapters, etc. If I preview those in DVD Fab, they are all the same. There is one other title which is about 20 seconds longer and with one more chapter. If I try to preview that one, the preview screen disappears and DVD Fab crashes. I was able to back up the entire disc using DVD Fab The resulting VOB files, I believe there were 20, again had four copies of the first part, but using MPC HC or VLC to play the other VOBs results in a black screen and the player closing after a few seconds.

If anyone can provide any help, I'd appreciate it.


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