Anchorman (UK, Region 2)

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Anchorman (UK, Region 2)

Post by TIGHazard » Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:05 pm

Having a bit of trouble ripping Anchorman.

I ripped it successfully. After checking the outputted file was fine in VLC, I went to delete a bunch of files in the videos folder - which included Anchorman (because the files were so large, they were immediately deleted).

Luckily, the disc is still in the drive. MakeMKV is still open. I hit rip again, it "analyses seemless segments" and
The source file '/VIDEO_TS/VTS_08_1.VOB' is corrupt or invalid at offset 22528, attempting to work around
appears, before crashing the program altogether.

I've cleaned the disc, I've tried another drive, but the same issue happens.

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