DVD never completes loading

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DVD never completes loading

Post by Nachovilla243 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:14 am

Hey all, Im a bit new in using Makemkv, but its been working pretty good so far.

I ran into an issue where two Disney printed discs will not even be recognized by MakeMKV. When I load the discs the external drive connects, and I see the icon onscreen load the disc. Then it just sits there, loading and never finishes until the drive just stops spinning.

From that point I have to unplug the external disc drive to restart it. Then I have to completely shut down Makemkv as the entire application will become unresponsive.

Now these are NTSC dvds, pretty standard, and are recognized by the dvd player app on the mac. The Mac also recognizes the disc and says the title on the file name, so I know its being parsed.

I am using a macbook air, 2017 model, on High Sierra. The External drive is an LG - 8x External USB 2.0 Blu-ray Disc Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Disc Rewriter and MakeMKV v1.14.2

No I tried to run the discs on a Windows machine, with a Samsung blu-ray RW and got the same result. Since it wont load, it doesnt even seem to have anythign to send in the debug. Has anyone else seen this?

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