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DVD can't be ripped, but will play on Mac's "DVD Player" app

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:59 am
by RelaxRelapse
I got a Japanese album recently that included a DVD. I tried a few different methods before trying MakeMKV, and they didn't work. I thought maybe it was the drive since I just bought it, but it worked fine with another DVD I tested immediately after.

When I used MakeMKV it didn't work either giving me both the, ""RPC protection that can not be bypassed. Change drive region or update drive firmware" error, and the "MEDIA REGION CODE IS MISMATCHED TO LOGICAL UNIT REGION" error. I thought maybe I just needed to change the region code, and it would work. I opened the standard DVD Player app to change the region, and I figured if changing the region didn't work it was just a faulty disc.

To my surprise it opened without issue and without prompting me to change my region. I clicked through the menu of the DVD and it played fine.

Is there away around this or has this one just not been cracked yet? Or am I doing something wrong? It's a Sony published DVD that came out a little over a year ago if that helps at all. Thanks for any help!