Liar Liar DVD - First 13 mins missing

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Liar Liar DVD - First 13 mins missing

Post by mbf199t » Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:10 pm

Hi Guys

Really curious issue here. I've seen the same thing reported in another thread but it hasn't been updated since December and it was in the wrong section, so I thought I'd post fresh.

Old thread for reference: ... iar#p61958

Basically, MakeMKV reports that Title 1 - the main title - is only 1:09:34, but the full movie is actually 1:22:51, so it's missing the first thirteen minutes of the movie for reason, and starting the rip from there (everything with the rip is good apart from the missing section).

Are there some logs I can provide from the rip that will help others experiencing the same issue?


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