BSOD Windows 10 - ver. 1803

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BSOD Windows 10 - ver. 1803

Post by rspeaker » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:25 am

Hi. New to MakeMKV here.

I'm an actor on Japanese TV "re-enactment" dramas. I often record my shows then wish to rip to the PC to make "demo reels", distribute to my fellow actors who missed the airing, etc. I had been using DVD to do this with some freeware Japanese utility to strip the CPRM encryption. And worked flawlessly. But DVD is slow to burn and takes forever to record one show.

Now Im using BD-RE and its much faster and can hold more shows on one burn cycle. I have used your program once successfully. But its become so frustrating that it is "hit and miss." Sometimes it works and sometimes it fails with a BSOD. I have tried running under Windows 7 compatibility mode with same results. It fails during the process of writing the new file.


Really want to purchase your program but if this BSOD keeps happening its going to be a deal breaker! :(
I tried DVDFab but it does not retain the actual Japanese title of the file, and yours does. I really hope we can get this resolved. PLEASE!

UPDATE: On my Windows 7 ULT-SP2, 32-bit, 2GB RAM - HP 210-1180NR mini-PC netbook, it ripped 4 titles (shows) in one sitting, FLAWLESSLY on this teeny-tiny thing. Yet, on my i7, 32GB RAM Intel SkullCanyon NUC, it failed miserably. EMBARRASSING! I'm convinced the problem is with W10 build 1803. PLEASE test and correct. I wish to use my i7 baby for all my video editing. Cheers! :)

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