Alpha Subtitles

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Alpha Subtitles

Post by hart2hart » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:20 pm

I ripped BD of movie Alpha released this year. It contains Theatrical and Director cuts of the movie. The disc was authored using two playlists that contain most of same mts streams.

Both playlists include 4 English subtitle streams (from eac3to)Two of them have forced events. The issue is the time stamps for at least one pgs appear to be relative to the start of the mts stream it is in — instead of relative to start of the movie/cut/playlist.

The pgs streams are
8 normal theatrical timing
21 normal director timing
Based on review 8 has all normal events and timing for theatrical. Forced Events from 9 are included but not flagged forced. 21 is like 8 but with timing for directors.

9 forced with timing in sync with 8
22 forced with timing that is not relative to movie start but at start of mts it is contained (based on high level review of movie and lengths of mts segments).

To get a full theatrical rip would require:
or 8 and 9 merged
22 with a correction to all times

I ripped both versions using makeMKV and selected the two subtitle tracks listed in each case. At playback, none of the subtitle tracks render all forced events.

Anyone worked with Alpha? The Avatar BD I have exhibited similar authoring pattern but even worse (from point of display) in that one of pgs streams has negative timing marks. Eventually I located a subtitle track online that was posted from a BD release containing only the theatrical release and muxed it in. This time I’m curious if there is a way I can fix it easily (not going to update over 200 pgs event timing marks).

Edit: original testing with mpc. Have since Tested with Dune Solo 4K and it lists 3 subtitle streams. None are marked as forced but selecting either track 2 or 3 appears to have all forced events but not marked forced. I’ll use mkvtoolnix to set the flag. May rip mkv file with TSMuxerGUI into an iso file to get more insights into the structure since I understand it better.
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