Problems with any blu-ray and uhd (doesn't open disk)

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Problems with any blu-ray and uhd (doesn't open disk)

Post by Frank_Kulik » Sat Jan 26, 2019 10:56 am

Today i tried some blu-rays and uhds and they all won't open.
Also a disc i have already ripped some two weeks ago. And no blu-ray or uhd works anymore. DVDs still work. They all fail with cannot open disc. It's one with v62 and ones with v66 codec.
I have installed the newest makemkv version and already re-installed it. My program is on drive E, the .makemkv-file is on drive C - so not in the same folder.
Nothing has changend on my computer system. It just don't want to work on blurays and uhds anymore :(

They all fail after trying to read for some 5 minutes saying:
Der Volumenschlüssel für die DVD/Blu-ray ist unbekannt - das Video kann nicht entschlüsselt werden
DEBUG: Code 0 at FcF^D,r,a.ZGY1pC:29396115
DEBUG: Code 0 at FcF^D,r,a.ZGY1pC:213134262

Maybe you have a solution?

I have attached the tgz file for the blu-ray that i successfully ripped two weeks ago and that doesn't work anymore, now.
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