Failed blu ray rips more frequent. How likely is a bad drive?

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Failed blu ray rips more frequent. How likely is a bad drive?

Post by NotMeOssifer » Sun Jan 19, 2020 6:15 pm

I bought a new blu-ray drive in January 2019. It's an LG BH16NS55.AUAU10B according to the Amazon receipt i got. It had been doing fine throughout 2019 with only the occasional blu ray that it wouldn't rip which i put down to bad disc rather than bad drive as they often wouldn't play in our other blu ray player.

I then took a break from ripping from about October/November 2019 and started up again a couple week ago. This week i had 5 discs to rip and only 2 of them completed successfully. I did one movie on 2 different discs and failed both times. The first disc was just bad - it wouldn't register in my blu ray drive in my PC nor my blu ray player but the second disc it actually played in the blu ray player, just not in my PC drive. That was Book of Eli.

The other movie that failed was Man of Steel. What i didn't get though was that it wouldn't rip it (tried, and got a small percentage of the way in, but then failed) but it played the movie fine in the exact same drive. Granted, i didn't watch the whole movie from the drive but i skipped it in small parts and it didn't have a problem actually playing the movie. Without going too far in to it, these discs are not brand new at all and i've no idea how many times they've been watched. Anything between 0-1000 would be accurate.

When i checked the error report, it said that it could ONLY be a bad disc or bad drive.

I'm now just wondering how likely my drive is bad and if so then what drive i should get in its place? Is this version of drive known for being ok/not so great?

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Re: Failed blu ray rips more frequent. How likely is a bad drive?

Post by Mondays » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:41 pm

I find my Bluray drives only last about a year or two. Ripping must be hard on them?

The last one I purchased was LG Electronics Blu-ray DVD Writer (UH12NS40) November 2018 and it seems to be throwing errors. I'll test a few more discs and if problems persists I will make a squaretrade claim.

After replacing these every two years I decided to get the squaretrade 4 year protection plan for $2.78 extra when ordering on Amazon.

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