The Last Full Measure (2019) US Retail Blu-ray

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The Last Full Measure (2019) US Retail Blu-ray

Post by StaffInfection » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:43 am

What is the correct mpls? Thanks.

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Re: The Last Full Measure (2019) US Retail Blu-ray

Post by SickPup404 » Fri May 01, 2020 2:51 pm


I used the AnyDVD method posted by djwilso on this post. I'm using the current v8.4.8.0 (I'm a full registered user) and found it pointed to 00380.mpls on NF disk (not sure if RB or retail will match).

I tried using ProcMon with Leawo player, but the M2TS file numbers were all over the place and some were repeated numerous times. Both times I played the movie, it picked up 660+ file close operations on M2TS files! Maybe I wasn't doing it right...

I verified movie looks good - no odd scene jumps or out of sequence errors. So, here's the info:

Code: Select all

Name: The Last Full Measure (English)
Source file name: 00380.mpls
Duration: 1:56:10
Chapters count: 16
Size: 22.6 GB
Segment count: 18
Segment map: 505,514,503,513,511,507,510,517,500,512,502,508,515,504,501,516,506,509
File name: The Last Full Measure_t158.mkv

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