When all else fails

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When all else fails

Post by Fcorps » Fri May 08, 2020 1:06 pm

Hi all, over the past 3 weeks of lockdown I decided to rip my entire dvd/blu ray collection. Almost finished now - on to my last pile of 30 discs (out of nearly 2000 movies)

For the most part MakeMKV has been amazing. I have a full licenced version but I have this small pile of 30 x blu-rays left at the end that I just cannot get to rip.

The discs are flawless and I have tried many of them in different drives (I had 3 x asus, 1 x samsung drive running to plough through them)

I get fails/discs or rip slow-down to an almost standstill on these discs every time. I have checked multiple read tries (25) and I attempt to rip them one at a time but I think these discs are just not going to rip with MakeMKV

What can I do in this situation? - can anyone reccomend any good alternative options out there for ripping these troublesome discs to MKV format. I hear maybe mounting them as an ISO then ripping may help? Or is there another bit of software out there that may have more success?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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