LPCM audios are not working in the mkvs

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LPCM audios are not working in the mkvs

Post by purehatred » Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:20 pm

Hey guys,

DTS-HD MA and True-HD work fine but whenever there is a disc with LPCM audio - like "The Rock" and "The Game Plan", i am able to make the mkvs of them but whenever i try to play the mkv - the LPCM track doesn't work. in VLC it says - undf, in kmplayer - it skips that audio, in total media - it skips the audio.
I cannot even extract that lpcm audio from the mkv - it gives error. I have tried making a new mkv and still it gives the same problem.
Why is this? Why is makemkv not able to support? I would love to buy the software but this is the only issue preventing me from buying it.

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Re: LPCM audios are not working in the mkvs

Post by mike admin » Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:29 am

This is the way MakeMKV stores multi-channel LPCM audio. It was discussed numerous times on the forum. For now, your only option is to demux the track with eac3to and then recompress with FLAC by hand. In future versions you'll be able to do that in MakeMKV.

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