How to disable speed limit (Silent Play) on LG BD drive

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How to disable speed limit (Silent Play) on LG BD drive

Post by floog » Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:38 pm

I know this topic has been posted about some in the past, but I'm finding it pretty frustrating and hoping someone can help.

My LG WH14NS40 has the annoying Silent Play "feature" that makes the disc spin more slowly to reduce noise when the drive identifies a Blu-ray disc as media. This has the unfortunate effect of making most of my movie backups in MakeMKV take 3-4 times longer than they would if the drive ran at full speed. Depending on length, the average movie is 30-45 mins with an average copy speed of 4-5x.

Recently I picked up a couple of older discs (The Thing and Beetlejuice) that were produced in 2008, and apparently my LG didn't see them as media because MakeMKV backed them both up at full speed (it hit almost 12x by the end) and the backups only took 12 minutes! Now I'm really intent on getting this speed permanently.

I've searched high and low on how to disable Silent Play, but I just can't find a solution. LG doesn't offer any utilities to do it, and while earlier versions of Windows gave you a toggle in the drive's hardware properties, Win 10 has removed the option. Does anyone have any tips (other than buying a license for AnyDVD)? Is there a chance the option to disable speed limits could be added to MakeMKV itself? I know a lot of other manufacturers use similar limiters so it might be useful for a lot of people. Thanks for any help.

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Re: How to disable speed limit (Silent Play) on LG BD drive

Post by xr200 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:33 am

I have two LG WH16NS40 blu-ray drives with the current up-to-date firmware.
I've never see any speed limits (including older firmware).
On older/used/played a lot Blu-Rays, I might only 3-4x speed when
running makemkv, but on brand new ones, I typically get around 8x.
If you are experiencing a speed limit, I don't think it's related to this
particular LG optical drive.

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